Stochastic differential equations mixed-effects models

This is a collection of resources pertaining so called stochastic differential equations mixed-effects models (SDEMEMs). SDEMEMs are powerful, dynamical hierarchical models with time-dependency driven by stochastic differential equations. SDEMEMs are useful for population estimation, where random variation between several experiments or between several subjects is explictly taken into account, together with subject-specific intrinsic random dynamics. SDEMEMs may result in state-space models when measurement error is considered.
The reason for compiling this list of resources is that publications in this area are sparse. We hope this list of references will be handy for the uninitiated reader. Software and other resources are also listed. Please contact me to help enlarge the list!

    Papers (most recent first)
  1. Fadwa, B., El Maroufy, H. aand Ait Mousse, H. (2020). Simulation and Parametric Inference of a Mixed Effects Model with Stochastic Differential Equations Using the Fokker-Planck Equation Solution, IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.90751.
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  41. - The last two references above are the oldest SDEMEM papers I am aware of. Also, notice that in an older paper the same authors write "A mixed-effect PK/PD modelling framework as implemented in NONMEM is not considered since the theory for hierarchical PK/PD modelling using stochastic differential equations has not been developed."

  42. Donnet, S., & Samson, A. (2013). A review on estimation of stochastic differential equations for pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic models. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 65(7), 929-939.

  43. Monographies
  44. M. Lavielle, “Mixed Effects Models for the Population Approach. Models, Tasks, Methods & Tools. ”, Chapman & Hall/CRC Biostatistics Series, 2014.
    - See section 6.3 for SDE models and mixed effects.

  45. Book chapters
  46. Strathe, A. B., Danfœr, A., Nielsen, B., Klim, S., & Sørensen, H. (2011). Population based growth curve analysis: a comparison between models based on ordinary or stochastic differential equations implemented in a nonlinear mixed effect framework. Book chapter in Modelling nutrient digestion and utilisation in farm animals (pp. 22-30). Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen

  47. Technical reports
  48. Picchini, U., De Gaetano, A. and Ditlevsen, S. (2006). Parameter estimation in stochastic differential mixed-effects models. Technical Report 06/12, Department of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen. [url]

  49. PhD theses
  50. Ruse, M.G. (2017). Inference from stochastic processes with application to birdsongs and biomedicine. University of Copenhagen, Denmark [PDF]
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  57. Master theses
  58. Botha, Imke (2020), Bayesian inference for stochastic differential equation mixed effects models. Master of Philosophy thesis, Queensland University of Technology [url]

  59. Software
  60. PSM: Non-Linear Mixed-Effects Modelling using Stochastic Differential Equations, [R package] [project page]
  61. mixedsde: Estimation Methods for Stochastic Differential Mixed Effects Models, [R package]
  62. MsdeParEst: Parametric Estimation in Mixed-Effects Stochastic Differential Equations, [R package]
  63. CTSM-R - Continuous Time Stochastic Modelling for R [R package]