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    Working papers

  1. P. Jovanovski, A. Golightly and U. Picchini (2023). Towards data-conditional simulation for ABC inference in stochastic differential equations, arxiv:2310.10329.
  2. U. Picchini and M. Tamborrino (2022). Guided sequential ABC schemes for intractable Bayesian models, arXiv:2206.12235.
  3. S. Wiqvist, J. Frellsen and U. Picchini (2021). Sequential neural posterior and likelihood approximation, arxiv:2102.06522. [code]
  4. U. Picchini and R. Everitt (2019). Stratified sampling and bootstrapping for approximate Bayesian computation, arXiv:1905.07976. [code]
  5. S. Wiqvist, U. Picchini, J. Forman, K. Lindorff-Larsen and W. Boomsma (2018). Accelerating delayed-acceptance Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms, arXiv:1806.05982. [code]. Christian P. Robert blogged about this paper.

    Peer-reviewed articles

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  6. K. Konstantinou, F. Ghorbanpour, U. Picchini, A. Loavenbruck, A. Särkkä (2023). Statistical modeling of diabetic neuropathy: Exploring the dynamics of nerve mortality, Statistics in Medicine vol 42 issue 23 pp 4128-4146, also arXiv:2302.06374.
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  29. Research reports

  30. U. Picchini, S. Ditlevsen and A. De Gaetano (2005). System noise modelization in glucose/insulin dynamics. Technical Report R.630, IASI-CNR, Rome, Italy.
  31. U. Picchini, A. De Gaetano and S. Ditlevsen (2006). Parameter estimation in stochastic differential mixed-effects models. Research Report 06/12, Department of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen.

  32. My PhD dissertation

  33. U. Picchini (2007). Stochastic Differential Models with Applications to Physiology. Department of Statistics, Probability and Applied Statistics, University of Rome "La Sapienza".