I am organizer for three series of seminars, see below.

Statistics seminars at Dept. Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers and University of Göteborg

This is the departmental Stats series, which is quite inclusive in terms of not exclusively hosting methodological seminars but also more applied ones, and of course also seminars that are more machine-learning and data-science oriented. I am the sole organizer and if you wish to be included in the mail-list please send me an email. You can also stay informed on Twitter by following @StatsChalmersGU, the Statistics group account.

AI Talks, at Chalmers and University of Göteborg

I am co-organizer for the AI Talks series set up by CHAIR (Chalmers AI Research Centre). This series promotes accessible and inspiring seminars from internationally acclaimed experts on artificial intelligence. Videos are available at the CHAIR YouTube channel.

Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) One World series

I am co-organizer for the One World Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) series. All videos are available at the ISBA’s YouTube channel.